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For locked or live shows, "link" to a listed cable, dish, or digital TV Provider, with a plan that has the channel in the current place and works on the current network.

Our providers are listed at https://www.nbc.com/mvpd-picker.

Internet only plans won't play locked or live content.

This would not include Internet-only providers, Philo, Viasat, or Roku. Usually, if your provider isn't listed at NBC.com/MVPD-Picker, they simply aren't supported, unfortunately.

We support NBC.com and apps for NBC, Bravo, E!, MSNBC on iOS, Oxygen, Syfy, Telemundo, Universo, and USA.

Include Season and Episode number, if applicable. Only 3 free credits per account; listed-TV-Provider subscribers don't need credits.

Please include steps leading up to your issue, as well as any error message you see. Screenshots and screen recordings may be helpful to include and can be attached at the bottom of the form under Attachments. Your response is subject to the Terms and Privacy Policy for the NBCUniversal family of websites and applications and is considered User Content under those terms.

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